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Church Photo Directories

The new way to keep a Church Directory.

Anyone who has been around churches for a while knows the value of a church photo directory. They are fantastic tools to get to know faces in a congregation.


However, printed copies quickly go out of date. People in the directory may never be seen at church and people in the church may not be in the directory.

In this digital age, there is a better solution.

Almost every church now uses a database program to manage congregational information. Most of those church directories allow images of individuals to be uploaded, managed and printed on demand, including photos. In many cases churches now have color copiers that can print the photos in color. PDF’s can be created and shared electronically on a computer or a device.

There is no need to update every photo in the directory every year - only those that are new or need updating. And professional quality photography means you are publishing clear recognizable images rather than home snapshots that can be difficult to make out.

If your church does not have the software to do this , they are easy to obtain and on-line church directories (example only) are available typically costing as little as $10 US/mo.

Gary’s Lens offers professional directory quality photography without having to purchase directory books or your congregation having to endure the hard sell of portrait packages. Both the church and the congregation receive a digital copy of their image with full rights to print.

Images can be used in church database software, on-line directories, or you can even create your own.

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