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Do I need hair and makeup done for my session?

Many people are comfortable with doing their own hair and makeup for a photo session, and this is totally acceptable. So why would you want to have a professional do your hair and makeup? Simply put, so you can look your best.

Using makeup for a photo session should never make you look like someone you are not. Instead, makeup and hair should complement your looks and help you look your very best. Makeup can be made to look very natural and improve the image we create together. Our makeup artist does the "natural look" all the time - no eyeliner, mascara and simple skin finishing that can give you the natural look without being "done up".

The same applies to hair - it's not about creating a fancy hair style, but about making your hair look it's best - and behave - for the photo.

This goes for both women and men. Yes, even the men can be given a little makeup to make their skin look less glossy and more natural.

If you still believe you don't need hair or makeup, we can accommodate that, just let us know when contacting us.

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