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This 3 Hour photography workshop class will introduce you to the basics of using Photoshop. If you are new to Photoshop, you will learn how to improve your images through the use of some basic tools. No experience is necessary, however you must have Photoshop installed on a laptop that can be brought to class.

We will be covering:

  • Selection, Healing, Cloning​​ and basic adjustments.

  • Using Layers

  • Adjustment Layers


  • No previous experience is required

  • It is recommended you have Photoshop installed on a laptop which you can bring to class.


  • 3 hours

  • Min 3 people, maximum 6

  • $95 +HST

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Class Schedules can be found here:

If you would like further information, would like to host a group, or would like to be placed on a list to be informed the next time the class is offered, please use the contact form below.

Or contact me for more info:

Or Call - 519-575-3282

Class Description: 

This class is designed to introduce you to the basics of using the popular image manipulation program Adobe Photoshop. For those who are new to the application, the options can seem daunting, however this primer will get you started working with your images quickly and provide you with enough information to make drastic improvements to your current images. 

Note that Gary's Lens has no affiliation with Adobe and receives no remuneration from Adobe for teaching this class. We pay for a plan just like everyone else.


No previous experience is required, however, if you want to apply what you learn, you will need a copy of Photoshop. If you would like to follow along through the class, you should have it installed on a laptop which you can bring to the workshop.


A workbook will be provided as a takeaway to help you retain and practice the knowledge you have gained.


This is a community class offered for personal enrichment. In class questions are encouraged to provide individually directed learning.

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